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Neo.Tax is building the easiest and most accurate tax filing and automation software. Their first product simplifies the complex process of applying for the R&D tax credit, putting up to $250,000 back into each company's pocket that is working on qualifying research and development activities. The first step towards turning a small business’ taxes into a modern advantage.
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Neo Tax


Tax Minimization:

  • A personalized financial plan from Neo Tax to determine the best strategy and plan for minimizing taxes legally
  • Comprehensive tax planning advice to proactively review updated tax laws and adjust strategies accordingly to help maximize savings
  • Thorough knowledge of the tax code, including the technical nuances to protect clients from potential audits

Tax Preparation:

  • Streamlined workflow to quickly and accurately prepare returns for individuals and businesses
  • Comprehensive review process to ensure all deductions are maximized and significant errors are discovered
  • A dedicated team of experienced professionals to address questions and provide timely responses

Tax Representation:

  • Comprehensive understanding of tax laws and regulations to provide effective guidance before federal or local tax authorities
  • A proactive approach to problem-solving, such as providing a payment plan with the IRS, negotiating an Offer in Compromise, or defending clients in an audit
  • Ongoing communication with clients ensures they know their tax situation and the potential outcomes


Free R&D Credits & Capitalization.


New customers only.

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Free R&D Credits & Capitalization

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Free R&D Credits & Capitalization

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