Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.

Built by Entrepreneurs, for Entrepreneurs. We Support Ambitious B2B Founders With our Network, Knowledge, and Experiences to Build Better Companies.

Our Motivation

Our mission is simple. We are building a founder-friendly ecosystem of different verticals that complement each other and that our portfolio companies can leverage collectively. We are building an ecosystem we wished we had access to back when we started our first startup.

In 2019, we founded Aurelia Ventures to serve experienced entrepreneurs with programs that have a flexible structure and help our founders overcome their stage-specific challenges.

At the beginning of 2021, we started to invest in the first portfolio companies from our program. We launched our Inception Fund shortly after to supercharge the next 100 outlier B2B SaaS startups. Our goal is to provide early-stage capital earlier than any other investor, often shortly after or during the POC phase.

When we started Aurelia Ventures in 2019, our goal was to break apart the incubator/accelerator model that has existed for more than a decade in which founders give up ~10% equity for $100k in capital and pay on top of the equity ~$40k back to the accelerator as a program fee (yes, 98% of accelerators also take a program fee besides the ~10% in equity they have already received).

We don’t believe this is fair to the founder because the impact of the program might vary greatly, but it still costs the founders 10% of their companies.

Aurelia Ventures defines how a modern, founder-first operator VC provides value to its founders, from POC/Stealth to Series A.