One Program to Scale From POC to A.

1:1 coaching for fundraising, B2B sales, and hiring. Connect with 200+ B2B SaaS founders, learn from mentors, and extend your runway with $1.25M+ perks.

Everything You Need To Scale

You have the vision, and we have the investment and operational resources for you to realize it.

Personal Program

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • On-demand meetings
  • B2B SaaS focused
  • Experts for sales, fundraising, marketing, and hiring

Raise Capital

  • Fundraising strategy
  • Pitch deck review
  • Data room structure
  • Investor network

Extend Your Runway

  • $1.25M+ in perks & benefits
  • $450k cloud credits
  • 100+ partners
  • New perks monthly


  • B2B SaaS founder community
  • Stage and vertical-focused community groups
  • Learn and work through decisions, and grow

Raise Funding

Access the World's Top VCs

When you are ready to raise your first institutional round, we have the capabilities to invest into your company to further fuel your growth and lead your round. In addition, you will have access to our network of 250+ VCs and get warm intros to investors for your follow-on rounds.

Our companies raised $250M+ from

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Partner Benefits

Get access to $1.25M+ in perks & benefits if you are admitted into the Scale programs. Extend your runway, build a better product, and raise on a greater valuation.
Aurelia Ventures is an official startup partner of AWS Activate, Microsoft for Startups, Google for Startups, HubSpot for Startups, and Startup with IBM.

See all partner benefits worth $1.25M+ from our other partners such as, Notion, Stripe, ClickUp, and many more.


Program Overview

You have the vision, we have the resources for you to realize it.

1:1 Consultations

Personal meetings, on your schedule, without any time commitment. Overcome common scaling challenges like fundraising, hiring, and finding & closing customers.

Raise Capital

Develop a fundraising strategy, get your pitch deck reviewed, and build the right data room structure. Based on the research of 250+ VCs and decades of experience.

Perks & Benefits

$1.25M+ in cloud credits, discounts, and year-long trial periods. Extend your runway, build a better product, and raise on a higher valuation.

Hire Talent

Access engineering, sales, and marketing talent through our partnership with Toptal and get a $2,000 discount.

Founder Community

Become part of a community of world-class founders in your sector and at your stage where you can learn, grow and form lasting relationships.

Extended Network

Unlock value from our network of mentors, operators, investors, partners, and fellows.

What our Founders are Saying About us

Aurelia Ventures has been instrumental in helping us get the resources and tools we need to meet the demand and needs of our business. The team at Aurelia has been extremely responsive and insightful in helping us get what we need at critical times to keep the company moving forward.

Ex-Google & ex-Uber founding team

Aurelia Ventures was the first B2B startup accelerator we had the opportunity to work with, which truly allowed us to get on our feet with the foundational tools and technologies required for a software startup. It's the best 'Startup Package for Startups' that I saw in the market that helped me filter through all the productivity tools, cloud environments, and more - in order to focus on product development - with excellent discounts! Thanks to Felix and the team for being so responsive and fun to work with

Ex-Gov and MIT founding team

Aurelia Ventures and their very personal, hands-on approach to supporting startups is really unique. They were super responsive and there for us whenever we needed them and helped us with the right advice, mentors, cloud credits, and discounts at the right time.

Being part of Aurelia Ventures has helped us to make significant progress. The support and experience of the Aurelia Ventures team have been extremely beneficial in our development.

Being a startup, we wanted to partner up with a startup program that could help us dial further into our efforts. Partnering with Aurelia Ventures provides you with secure, community-based resources for all things required to build a company from the ground up. Felix was a helpful, intelligent, and thoughtful mentor who could provide such insight and guidance.

Aurelia Ventures helped us in one of the most crucial moments of our startup development. Their personal support, consulting, and fast and efficient work make them unique. They supported us in every aspect: advice, mentors, or cloud credits. Felix, the founder of Aurelia Ventures, is a genuinely awesome person who is willing to help anytime in need.

Your Growth Throughout The Program

Each program is fully personalized to the founder's stages current needs and unique development plan.

Program Kick-off
You are accepted to the program. Congratulations!
We set milestones for the Aurelia team to achieve in the months to come to support your growth. Also, you now have full access to all mentors, community, and perks.
Growth to the Next Stage
Depending on your stage, we work with you on your sales, fundraising, and talent strategy.
Fundraising Prep
Usually, our founders raise funds at some point in time. This can be an Angel, Seed, or Series A round. We guide you through the process, review your deck and data room, and make sure you shorten your fundraising time as much as possible.
We invest in your first round or introduce you to our network of 250+ B2B SaaS VCs. Our goal is to provide you with fast and easy access to capital to fuel your growth.
Supercharge Growth
Often we work at this stage with our founders on hiring and sales topics to guarantee that you hire the right people at the right time and acquire more customers faster.
Prep Series A
Each round is inherently different from the previous one and requires a different strategy and preparation. We make sure that you have all resources available and that you master your Series A.
Master Series A
Introduction to Series A VCs from our network that can lead your round. Review partnership meetings you had and support your fundraising.
Scale Post-A
🚀 To the Moon
The Series A VCs we introduced usually guide you towards Series B and onwards. You will continue to have access to all resources, mentors, perks, and our support whenever needed. We want you to win. Period.
Apply to Aurelia Ventures
Growth support from POC/Stealth to Series A
Introduction to VCs and fundraising support
Community with 200+ experienced B2B founders
Mentors for AI, cybersecurity, sales, hiring, and more
$1.25M+ in perks & benefits to extend your runway and raise on a greater valuation

Selection Criteria

Our sweet spot is for early-stage B2B software founder teams based in the US.

What matters

  • You are building a B2B SaaS product or service.
  • Your team members have tech industry experience.
  • Your primary customers are based in the US.

What doesn't matter

  • If your company is incorporated or if you are just getting started.
  • If your product is live or in stealth.
  • If you generate revenue.
  • How many people work in your company, or if it is only you.


We prioritize quality over quantity - at all times. From all applications, we select at most 2 founding teams per month to work with us, sometimes none. The quality of the interactions with our portfolio founders and the quality of our community matters much more to us than "accelerating" a large number of companies every month and basically not creating any value at all.

When we decide to accept a founder team into our program, we commit fully to that company and make all of our resources available to the founders for their company's lifetime. We want you to win, period.

Each founding team gets personalized support from our team and extended network and has access to our operational resources and partnership benefits from the first moment on. When you are scaling your company, we know that time is precious. Usually, we meet with each team minimum of once a month and much more often during more intense periods (such as pre-fundraising).


Startup Profile

When you join Aurelia Ventures, you become part of a diverse and talented community of entrepreneurs and disruptors. Like you, our entrepreneurs are people who think differently, who challenge the status quo, and who build disruptive companies.



The process from application to acceptance takes between 5-10 business days. We know speed is essential, and some things can't wait.

Interview icon


After our initial review, selected startups are invited for an interview.

Committee icon


Our venture committee will make a decision on your application within 24 hours. We notify startups of their acceptance to the program the day after the interview.

Kick-off Call icon


You will have immediate access to all mentors, content, community, perks & benefits, and our support.

The Fine Print

As former founders we are mindful about how much room we take up on your cap table. As a general guideline, we consider a fair program fee equivalent to the same amount of equity you would allocate to 3 advisors at your current stage.

What you will get out of the program

  • Lifelong access to our operational resources and dedicated team that helps you scale your company.
  • Personalized fundraising, sales, and hiring support based on your goals.
  • Lifetime access to $1.25M+ in perks & benefits, including $200k GCP credits, $10k AWS credits, $120k IBM credits, and more.
  • Automatic access to all partnership benefits we add in the future.
  • Option to receive funding from our closed follow-on fund, only accessible to companies from the program.
  • Lifetime access to mentors for cybersecurity, Al, branding, marketing, and more.
  • Lifelong access to the Aurelia founder community of experienced B2B SaaS founders.
  • Invitations to webinars with VCs, fundraising lawyers, and industry experts.

Program Terms

1.5% - 2% of preferred shares
(based on your development and funding stage)
The option to invest in your next round
(at the same terms as all other investors)
We investment through a SAFE agreement (without valuation cap) to make the process as easy as possible and to remove the burden from your side to issue new shares to join the program.


Admission on a rolling basis. Each month we accept a maximum of two startups into the program to guarantee our portfolio founders receive the quality support they deserve.

Admission on a rolling basis. Each cohort is limited to 10 startups and will be closed before the deadline ends when all seats are taken.

There’s a program fee (depending on program) to cover the cost of running the program due upon admission.