Microsoft Azure Credits for Startups

Microsoft Azure Credits for Startups

Microsoft for Startups

Whether you’re looking to build your first application, land your first customer, or scale to a million users, Microsoft Azure for Startups is here to help. From technical resources and free monthly azure credits to selling alongside Microsoft salespeople and partner channels, Microsoft for Startups invests in your success.
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Business Software:
• Microsoft’s world-renowned suite of business software (Office 365, SharePoint, AI, etc.) provides businesses with enterprise-level solutions to scale their operations.
• Microsoft has an expansive range of cloud-based services to support business growth (Azure, Dynamics 365, Visio, etc.).
• Microsoft eliminates tedious hardware and software setup fees, plus its tools are compatible with a wide range of systems and platforms, making it easier for businesses to adopt.

• Microsoft’s hardware line ensures a seamless digital experience with ergonomic designs for long periods of usage, meant to produce optimal efficiency.
• In-built safety and security features, such as Windows Hello facial recognition, make it difficult for intruders to access any sensitive data stored on the device.
• Its pre-installed tools come with AI-powered features to help businesses optimize processes and reduce operational costs.

Customer Support:
• Microsoft provides expert customer service with round-the-clock customer service and easy-to-navigate website resources.
• Its proactive support services alert customers of any suspicious or abnormal activity, ensuring your data and privacy are secure.
• Microsoft provides an array of educational courses



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Free Perks

1 Month Microsoft 365 Business for Free

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$120,000 Microsoft Azure Credits

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