Aurelia Ventures Funds

A proven strategy that secures equity in experienced founder teams with a clear focus on exceptional B2B software with proprietary AI.

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Investment Vehicles

Aurelia Ventures is an ultra-early operator VC from POC/Stealth to Seed. Once invested, we provide operational resources, $1.5M in perks, and mentorship, We supercharge early traction metrics and provide hands-on support to help our founders to scale to Seed and beyond.

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  • Earliest investment stage (POC/Stealth)
  • Secure equity in exceptional founder teams
  • Guide founders through different growth stages from POC/Stealth - Seed
  • Have "skin in the game" and provide operational resources to founders
  • Stealth (Angel) to Seed
  • Invest on a case-by-case basis in vetted AI-first startups
  • Available to Angels/HNWIs and other accredited investors
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  • Pre-Seed and Seed
  • Provide capital in the first institutional rounds of Inception Fund companies
  • Deploy capital to fund strategic growth initiatives
  • Continue momentum without interruption of growth to fundraise
  • Prepare for follow-on investment (offered to LPs)

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Inception Equity Partnership

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Facilitated through the Aurelia Ventures Scale program, founders at the POC/Stealth/Pre-Seed stage receive knowledge, mentoring, perks & benefits, community, and an extended network to scale their company and find their first customers.
We provide outlier founders at their earliest stage with unparalleled resources to scale their companies as aggressively as possible.

Aurelia Ventures is leveraging a proprietary AI to select the most promising companies from a high volume of deal flow. With a great degree of automation, we screen hundreds of applications per week without losing the personal connection to each founder.

Over the past 3.5 years, 130 companies went through the Scale program and achieved a collective company value of $610M+. We continue our strategy with the Inception Fund and continue to invest in the world’s most promising founders.

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Pre-Seed to Seed

Fuel Fund

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We invest in companies we worked with throughout the Scale program and provide the first cheque to fuel their growth further. We fund strategic growth initiatives and supercharge their momentum by minimizing the "down-time" founders usually have when raising additional funds.

Aurelia Ventures redefines how an operator VC supports early-stage founders at their earliest stage. We intentionally, unconventionally, back founders earlier than any other Angel or investor to help them navigate the growth challenges they will face early on.

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