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B2B SaaS VC for Outlier Founders.
Join our program, fundraise faster, acquire customers, extend your runway, and build a more valuable company.

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Our Speciality

Supercharging Exceptional Founders

Get guidance on how to scale your B2B SaaS startup from POC/Stealth to Seed and leverage the latest strategies and research for B2B software sales and fundraising. Extend your runway with $1.5M+ in partnership benefits.

The Scale program equips you with the knowledge you need to raise from VCs, scale your B2B SaaS startup from inception to Seed, and win customers.

When you are ready to raise your first institutional round, we invest in your company to further fuel your growth.

We work with each founding team on a personal basis and meet on a flexible basis to create an environment where you can be the most productive and focus exclusively on scaling your startup without external distractions.

We provide you with not only investment but also strong operational capabilities to scale from stealth/POC to Seed.

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Aurelia Ventures portfolio companies have raised $250M+ from A-Class VCs

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What our Founders are Saying About us

Aurelia Ventures has been instrumental in helping us get the resources and tools we need to meet the demand and needs of our business. The team at Aurelia has been extremely responsive and insightful in helping us get what we need at critical times to keep the company moving forward.

Ex-Google & ex-Uber founding team

Aurelia Ventures was the first B2B startup accelerator we had the opportunity to work with, which truly allowed us to get on our feet with the foundational tools, operational support, and technologies required for a software startup. Thanks to Felix and the team for being so responsive and fun to work with.

Ex-Gov and PhD in ML founding team

Aurelia Ventures and their very personal, hands-on approach to supporting startups is really unique. They were super responsive and there for us whenever we needed them and helped us with the right advice, mentors, cloud credits, and discounts at the right time.

Being part of Aurelia Ventures has helped us to make significant progress. The support and experience of the Aurelia Ventures team have been extremely beneficial in our development.

Being a startup, we wanted to partner up with a startup program that could help us dial further into our efforts. Partnering with Aurelia Ventures provides you with secure, community-based resources for all things required to build a company from the ground up. Felix was a helpful, intelligent, and thoughtful mentor who could provide such insight and guidance.

Aurelia Ventures helped us in one of the most crucial moments of our startup development. Their personal support, consulting, and fast and efficient work make them unique. They supported us in every aspect: advice, mentors, or cloud credits. Felix, the founder of Aurelia Ventures, is a genuinely awesome person who is willing to help anytime in need.

Leverage our Network and Grow With our Community

Talk through impact decisions with peers and learn from other experienced B2B software founders through our Peer Intelligence network.

Deep Network in Your Vertical

Talk through decisions with other experienced founders who "get" the challenges you are facing and have a network in your industry.


Leverage our network, get introductions to investors and build synergies and connect with peers in your industry and stage.

Founder Community

Become part of a community of world-class founders in your sector where you can learn, grow and form lasting relationships.

Extend Your Runway

$1.5M+ Perks & Benefits

Portfolio companies have access to our partner benefits such as cloud credits, discounts, year-long trial periods, and more. Extend your runway, build a better product, and ultimately raise on a higher valuation.

Curation of technology partners

Program Overview

You have the vision, and we have the operational resources for you to realize it.

Raise Capital

Raise a great Angel, Pre-Seed, and Seed round.
We help you to develop a fundraising strategy, review your pitch deck, and build the right data room structure. Leverage insights and tactics based on the collective knowledge of 250+ VCs in our network, 140+ portfolio companies, and years of experience.

Sell More

Hit MRR and ARR milestones faster by applying the latest inbound and outbound strategies and leveraging the knowledge of our sales, marketing, and GTM operators.
Apply our in-depth resources about technical SEO, and research about best-converting sales copy and sales strategies.

Validate Your Product

Understand and achieve the milestones you need to hit to raise great fundraising rounds (Angel, Pre-Seed, and Seed).

Extended Operator Network

Unlock value from our network of operators, investors, partners, and fellows.

$1.5M Perks & Benefits

Extend your runway with cloud credits, discounts, and year-long trial periods. Have more runway, build a better product, and raise at a higher valuation.

1:1 Coaching

Personal meetings, on your schedule. Overcome common scaling challenges like fundraising, sales, and acquiring customers.

Pitch to Aurelia Ventures

1:1 coaching with each founding team, apply the latest sales and fundraising insights and strategies, leverage our operator network, and supercharge your company.
Access to $1.5M+ in perks & benefits to extend your runway and raise on a greater valuation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Company

About Aurelia Ventures

Built by experienced founders for experienced founders. We know the feeling when you attended an accelerator session and feel that this was a waste of time and that you could have invested your time better in your company.  Access to the right experience and people at the right time is indispensable.

Aurelia Ventures redefines how an operator VC supports early-stage founders at their earliest stage. We intentionally, unconventionally, back founders earlier than any other Angel or investor (often at the idea stage) to help them navigate the growth challenges they will face early on.

We guide you through the challenges B2B SaaS early-stage founders face, prepare you to raise from Angels and VCs, help you to acquire customers, and to hire our first people. Leverage our network of experienced operators and extend your runway with $1.25M+ in perks and benefits.

We know nothing trumps the right experience and access to the right people at the right time.
Find out why we do, what we do.

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