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Loom is the video communication platform for async work. You can express your thoughts in less time, sharing quick feedback or deep communication with just a click. Viewers can interact, comment, and respond to your messages. With Loom, you’ll spend less of your day meeting and emailing and have more space for your best work.
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  • Record and share your screen and camera without the hassle of uploads or downloads
  • Simply share a link to instantly view your video, regardless of length
  • Gain insights on viewer engagement, reactions, and comments
  • Quick editing options include removing filler words, adding transcripts, calls to action, and GIF thumbnails
  • Organize and scale your video content with personal and team workspaces
  • Admin features provide company-level control and flexibility with insightful features for your entire organization


Get 25 free seats for Loom’s Business Plan for one year.


  • Available for new customers only
  • Must purchase a Loom Business plan
  • Must sign up for monthly billing
  • Must be funded by Aurelia Ventures

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