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Stripe for Startups

Stripe Summary

Stripe’s more than just a payment gateway: we’re an infrastructure layer supporting the complex requirements of the most ambitious companies. From invoicing enterprise users to building a financial platform, to instantly selling to 140 countries. Stripe is a building block on which to scale and grow.
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  • They offer a range of flexible payment options that let you accept all payment methods, including credit cards, transfers, direct debits, and e-wallets
  • You can easily manage both one-time and recurring payments, which helps you handle subscriptions and maintain a consistent cash flow
  • They provide a hosted checkout page, which redirects your clients to a secure Stripe page, giving them peace of mind when making a purchase
  • Their API is incredibly robust, and their documentation makes it easy for developers to do anything with Stripe
  • Their anti-fraud system and 3D Secure 2 technology ensure that all payment transactions are secure and protected


  • S$50,000 in waived processing fee = ~S$2,500 in saved Stripe fees
  • Access to 1-1 support from Stripe team: office hours, sales support
  • Skip-the-line access to product betas and events
  • Priority customer support


  • Processing discounts are not applicable for express connect accounts or for companies using Shopify payments
  • Applies to Stripe users who have yet to receive fee-free processing credits and are on Stripe sticker pricing
  • Twelve-month expiration
  • Offer applies to existing and new Stripe users

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