Slite Credits

Slite Credits Summary

Centralize your team’s knowledge and collaboration. Create your internal knowledge base to speed up employee onboarding, remove silos and reduce interruptions. Bring all of your team’s knowledge in one, single, tool. Whether it’s documentation from every department or company-wide information, Slite is your single source of truth.

Scale your team frictionlessly, don’t build your employee onboarding process from scratch every time your team grows. Build a repeatable journey with onboarding checklists and milestones.


  • Less than 10 employees: Free for 10 users for 1 year ($960 of Slite credits)
  • More than 10 employees: 50% off for 1 year


Everyone is eligible, even existing customers are eligible!

This partner benefit is available only to Aurelia Ventures portfolio companies. Please apply to one of our programs to interview for the next cohort. We are looking forward to hearing from you. If you are already one of our startups please log in to your account.