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Mainstreet Credits

Mainstreet Summary

MainStreet helps software, hardware, and venture-backed startups discover & claim tax credits they’ve never heard of in 20 min. They have helped startups claim over $80M in the last year alone. And the best thing is you can connect the tools you already use anyway (and which you get discounted through Aurelia) such as Xero and Gusto.
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Accuracy and Reliability

  • Mainstreet's systems are equipped with highly accurate data entry and validation processes to ensure accuracy and reduce human error
  • Comprehensive verification procedures are established to check the accuracy both before and after the data is entered
  • Databases are maintained in a secure environment with reliable backups

Speed and Efficiency

  • Mainstreet utilizes innovative technologies such as intelligent assistants, automated databases, and high-performance computing to accelerate processing time
  • User-friendly solutions are developed to minimize the learning curve and enable quick implementation of new processes and capabilities
  • Rigorous processes are designed to reduce latency, maximize transactions rates, and optimize system throughput

Scalability and Flexibility

  • Modular software design and configurable features enable Mainstreet's solutions to be quickly scaled up or down to match user needs
  • Open-source databases are used to provide universal access and customizability for our users
  • APIs are built and maintained to facilitate communication between programs and systems and easily integrate with third-party services


25% discount on the MainStreet fee (MainStreet only gets paid if you get paid).


Available to US-based software, hardware, and venture-backed startups.

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