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The most secure password manager for your business. Trusted by over 50,000 businesses. Whether your business is a startup or an enterprise, you can rely on 1Password to protect your data, fortify your defense, and empower your employees to make better security decisions.
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  • Safely store your passwords: All documents and passwords are stored in a vault to secure your data
  • Ensure the security of your data: Your information and data are encrypted, so you are the only one who can access them
  • Manage passwords from every device: 1Password can be used on all devices and browsers you want and automatically syncs, so you always have the information you need
  • Login in with just a click: The tool offers an automatic form filler, so you only need a click to sign in to platforms with your recorded logins
  • Take the lead on breaches: With Watchtower, track your password's health and stay up-to-date with any security breaches or vulnerabilities
  • Share passwords safely: The tool offers a feature called 1Password Families, which allows you to securely share passwords and sensitive information with your family members or colleagues
  • Access important information quickly: 1Password offers a quick search feature that lets you quickly locate your passwords and other important information, even when you have many items in your vault


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