TwilioFlex for Startups

TwilioFlex for Startups

TwilioFlex Summary

Twilio Flex is a cloud-based contact center that is built on top of Twilio’s cloud communications platform. It enables you to create the exact omnichannel contact center experience that you want for your customers, agents, and supervisors.

You can customize the call flow, routing, queue assignment, pre-agent experience, agents’ skills and capacities, UI layout, and more. Flex consists of a set of backend services that are hosted on Twilio’s cloud, and a React-based frontend that can be hosted on your own infrastructure or integrated with your own applications.

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  • Connect customers with any customer-facing employee
  • Choose the channels that remove friction for customers and encourage dialogue
  • Personalize interactions with detailed customer profiles that pull in first-party data from any source
  • Integrate data from any system, including Zendesk, Salesforce, billing systems, ERPs, inventory management, and more
  • Augment your existing call center solution by deploying a rapid proof-of-concept—no commitment required



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