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Remote Health by SafetyWing is a global health insurance plan that works for your entire international team, regardless of where they choose to live, work, or travel. No exclusions for pandemics.
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Comprehensive Insurance Coverage:

  • Global health and medical insurance for travelers to 177 countries
  • Coverage for repatriation and medical evacuation
  • Replacement of lost or stolen documents


  • Flexible subscription plans to cover travelers from anywhere between 1 to 12 months
  • No requirement for long-term commitment; plans can be adjusted as needed
  • Low premium rates and discounts for extended stays and multiple travelers

Convenience and 24/7 Services:

  • No paper forms or medical exams are needed
  • Availability of a website and an app for easy and quick access
  • Comprehensive customer service system, 24/7 telephone lines, and online chats featuring multilingual support and emergency assistance

Innovative Services:

  • Claims processing in 72 Hour Claim Guarantee
  • Monthly health benefits for travelers with active subscriptions
  • A telemedicine platform with qualified doctors across the globe to connect individuals to professional healthcare advice


15% off Nomad Health for Nomads (Individual/entrepreneur health insurance) and Remote Health (Health insurance for a startup to cover their team).


Everyone is eligible, even existing customers of SafetyWing.

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