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Streak is a CRM built into Gmail. It's perfect for startup founders to manage the email-based processes they care about most - sales, hiring, and fundraising.
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  • Improve your sales process with email tracking using Streak
  • Stay on top of deadlines and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks with Streak's task management system
  • Customize your pipelines with conditional formatting to highlight important information and tailor your views to your specific needs
  • Integrate your CRM with Gmail and set up a customized process that works for your team. Streak is compatible with all Google Workspace applications, including Sheets, Drive, and Chat, making it easy to quickly access and collect your data
  • Effortlessly automate your sales pipeline with Streak's built-in automation features. You can capture data from all your contacts and emails and receive notifications as your leads progress through the pipeline
  • Optimize teamwork by collaborating with your team via Gmail inbox. You can share emails, notes, or call logs with the entire team, and everyone has a complete view of the pipeline and the necessary context
  • Experience efficiency anywhere with the Streak app, available on the iOS and Android stores


  • 3 months Streak for free
  • Lifetime discount of 25%
  • A dedicated chat with their team on how to set up the perfect fundraising, sales, or hiring process for your business


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