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Intercom creates modern Customer Service software that redefines how businesses support their customers. Their platform connects businesses directly to customers using powerful messaging and automation. They enable teams to scale support without investing more resources - leading to happier customers and more efficient support teams.
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Intercom's AI-powered support platform—which includes Fin, our game-changing AI bot capable of resolving half of your support volume, automatically.

  • Working collaboratively with your team is made easy with our platform
  • You can create shared inboxes for your sales, marketing, and customer success teams to work together and provide specific answers to customer inquiries using notes and mentions.
  • Their chatbots enable you to automate conversations and provide quick answers to your customers on your website and app
  • Connect with your customers in real-time by scheduling meetings or giving specific customer segments access to a chat box
  • Personalize your customer conversations by accessing all the data Intercom gathers, including information about their actions on your website
  • Onboarding new customers is hassle-free with our product tours that guide them through your website and products


  • 100% off for the first year

  • 50% off for the second year

  • 20% off continuous discount

  • Fin Resolutions at zero cost in year 1

  • Premium features include: Support Pro, Engage Pro, Product Tours & Fin

  • Early Stage Academy - Onboarding tools to quickly establish customer communication channels.

  • Interconnected Community - Meet other founders and connect at the cutting edge of customer communication.‍


The discount is available to companies that are:

  • In Aurelia Ventures' portfolio
  • Up to Series A (Including A)
  • Currently not an Intercom customer
  • Up to 25 employees

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