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Build your startup with the world’s most advanced DevOps platform. GitHub helps startups plan, track, collaborate, build, test, and deploy software with a holistic and secure platform that scales with them.
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Experience the benefits of AI

  • GitHub's OpenAI codex implementation allows you to generate code effortlessly. Copilot provides real-time suggestions and features directly from the editor, saving you time and enhancing your productivity.

Secure your code storage

  • With GitHub, you can securely store and save your source code. At any time, view your commit history and optimize your code by analyzing its structure to enhance its performance continuously.

Access development environments with ease

  • Codespaces allow you to launch fully configured IDEs in the cloud. These environments start in seconds on any machine and are compatible with your preferred tools, Visual Studio Code, Jupyter, or JetBrains.

Craft high-quality code

  • With every pull request, receive code reviews to make it simpler for your team to design regular, quick, and efficient code review processes that fit seamlessly into your workflows.

Protect your software applications

  • Leverage the expertise of a vast open-source community to enhance the security of your source code. Community members help you improve the performance of your applications by providing constructive feedback.

Collaborate seamlessly

  • With GitHub's collaboration tools, working on a team project is easy. Track changes, assign tasks, and communicate within the platform to ensure a smooth workflow and high-quality output.

Streamline your workflows

  • Automate tasks and workflows directly from your repository using GitHub Actions. From building and testing code to deploying applications, save time and increase efficiency by removing manual processes.

Visualize your project progress

  • With GitHub's integrated project management tools, get a comprehensive view of your project and track progress in real-time. Effortlessly move tasks, set priorities, and monitor milestones to ensure the timely delivery of your project.


  • 20 seats of GitHub Enterprise free for one year and 50% off in year two
  • In-program startups receive guided support via GitHub experts that ensure you get the most out of GitHub for startup experience. This includes a startup-friendly onboarding experience, office hours, live demos, and technical best practice sharing


  • You're Aurelia Ventures startups
  • You must be an early-stage startup that is bootstrapped or funded (up to Series A)
  • You cannot be a current GitHub Enterprise customer or have previously received credits for GitHub Enterprise

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