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Savvi Legal is a collaborative legal platform that enables founders to complete legal documents, filings, and due diligence in one place. In addition, Savvi provides a curated partner network of attorneys and other back-office providers who specialize in startups on the fundraising path.
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Savvi Legal



  • Savvi Legal offers comprehensive legal services with expert advice that is more affordable than traditional law firms
  • Monthly plans help to create cost-efficiency while allowing clients access to high-end legal services that fit their budget
  • Online services available from Savvi Legal make legal services more accessible and help to reduce overall expenses associated with hiring an attorney


  • Savvi Legal features an experienced team of law experts with extensive knowledge and experience regarding various practices
  • The team of attorneys is available to offer guidance and legal counsel on essential issues ranging from business transactions to patent protection
  • Savvi Legal's recommendations are tailored to each client's unique needs, providing added protection and expertise


  • Savvi Legal provides online services, legal advice, and representation at an affordable rate
  • Online services are streamlined and designed for quick responses, providing clients with efficient and accessible legal assistance
  • Savvi Legal also offers on-site meetings if needed


  • Savvi Legal services are available nationwide, offering both remote and in-person meetings with


25% discount that will be applied upfront toward platform subscriptions


U.S.-based entities only.

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