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Cysense is a platform to help you maintain or achieve your cybersecurity compliance in weeks rather than months, including ISO 27001, SOC 2, and Essential 8. The tool supports you with an automated policy implementation strategy, evidence collection, task management, control monitoring, and more.
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  • Whether it is an industry standard such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, or local security and privacy certificates, Cysense will make achieving compliance a breeze
  • Implement frameworks and prepare for security audits faster and easier without spending days understanding vague security certification requirements or answering auditor questions
  • Unlock sales and customer trust: Cysense will help you navigate questionnaires confidently and provide evidence to your customers
  • Close more deals and differentiate by demonstrating your commitment to security
  • Cysense will map your security goals and help you to meet these requirements quickly
  • Reduce the likelihood with a comprehensive security program (people, tech, processes) that is automatically monitored by Cysense


Free first month and receive a 20% discount for up to 11 months.
Free 2hr advice call for Aurelia Ventures portfolio companies on questions related to cybersecurity & infosec compliance


  • Discounts are not permitted to be stacked and only for new customers.
  • Perk of 20% discount will be eligible for up to 11 months.

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