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This one is a must-have for all technology companies. Carta is the equity management platform for startups. The platform will provide you with the tools you need to manage your cap tables, access real-time fundraising benchmarks and scenario modeling so you can be prepared going into negotiations, generate and track your SAFEs all in one place.
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  • Carta provides a comprehensive suite of tools to make equity in private companies simple and easy to manage, including e-signature capabilities, customizable vesting schedules, and streamlined equity issuance
  • Its intuitive design, robust documentation, and powerful analytics facilitate analytics-driven insight into their cap table, equity grants, and investments that improve overall governance and simplify audits
  • Carta’s managed solutions help structure and automate complex processes such as vesting, taxes, and compliance while providing best-in-class security
  • Support teams provide response times of less than 24 hours for urgent inquiries
  • Dedicated Customer Success Managers help businesses set up and make the most of the features embedded in the Carta
  • A comprehensive knowledge base and online resources help users quickly get up to speed and easily answer common questions
  • Carta’s rate plans are tailored to the needs of each customer, allowing businesses to access the necessary services and settle only for what they use
  • Multiple financing and liquidity options, including private placement and short-term bridge loans, are provided to ensure businesses have the funding they need to succeed


All companies with 25 or fewer unique equity holders and $1M or less in funding are eligible for the Carta Launch plan for free worth $2,800.

Companies that are outside of the thresholds will receive a 10% first-year discount and waived implementation fees on one of Cartas paid plans.


Depending on the size of your company (see above) you will have access to Carta Launch for free or 10% first-year discount and waived implementation fee on one of Cartas paid plans.

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