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DocSend is a secure document-sharing platform that lets you easily share your documents and provides you with real-time actionable analytics. With DocSend, you control sensitive fundraising documents, know which investors engage with your decks, and get real-time, actionable feedback with document analytics.
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  • Track and analyze your documents to improve your future creations
  • Discover who has accessed which documents and which pages are performing best
  • Ensure secure document sharing by uploading them to a single platform, updating them when needed, and defining access controls
  • You can add custom watermarks for additional security
  • Share multiple documents at once by creating a virtual data room to add all the files you want to share with a particular set of collaborators using a single link
  • Streamline the signing of NDAs by adding non-disclosure agreements directly into the document-sharing link to get signatures quickly and efficiently
  • Get electronic signatures securely and quickly with DocSend's electronic signature feature, providing a seamless experience for your collaborators
  • Customize your shared documents' branding by adding your logos and color schemes to your DocSend account
  • Gain insights into how and when your recipients are engaging with your documents with engagement insights
  • DocSend integrates seamlessly with your favorite apps, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google Drive, streamlining your workflow and making sharing files with specific contacts or groups directly from your preferred app easier


  • 90% off DocSend for a year
  • Join the DocSend Fundraising Network
  • A new data-driven way to connect quality founders to committed VCs


  • New DocSend customers only.
  • Seed Stage Companies, with up to $2M in funding, can get 90% off our annual Standard or Advanced plan for one year
  • Series A Companies, with up to $10M in total funding, can get 50% off our annual Standard or Advanced plan for one year
  • Series B Companies and beyond, with up to $20M in total funding, can get 20% off of our annual Advanced plan for one year

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