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PostHog for Startups is a program for quickly accelerating startups and helping them find product-market fit. Using PostHog you can analyze data, deploy and test new features, survey users, and observe user behavior. Once you find product-market fit, PostHog helps you continue to scale and grow indefinitely.
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PostHog is an all-in-one, open-source platform for building better products. It offers everything engineers and founders need to analyze, test, observe, and deploy new features. 

  • Product Analytics. Gather data with auto-capture and custom events, then analyze it to find opportunities to improve.
  • Web Analytics. Monitor marketing and website stats, from bounce rates to time-on-page.
  • Session Replay. Watch users interact with your product, identify bottlenecks, and capture network information.
  • Feature Flags. Deploy new features in staged or scheduled rollouts to customize the user experience.
  • A/B Testing. Run experiments in your product to find the optimum designs and product changes quickly.
  • User Surveys. Target specific users or run broad surveys to determine CSAT, NPS, and more — or just ask for feedback.
  • Data Pipeline. Transform, ingest, or export data to other platforms automatically with 60+ connectors.
  • Data Warehouse. Sync with Amazon S3, BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, or just keep all of your data in PostHog.

All PostHog features are naturally cross-compatible, enabling you to jump seamlessly from an analytics insight to a session replay, to a survey response, and beyond. 


  • $50,000 in PostHog credit. That's equivalent to 30m events, 4bn API calls, or 50k session replays! The credit lasts a whole year.
  • Promotion opportunities. Each month PostHog picks a startup to spotlight, featuring the lucky team on our site and socials!
  • Free founder merch. You can never have too many laptop stickers or custom backpacks, right? Also, gaudy socks!
  • Bonus referral perks. Refer another startup into the program to score an extra $10,000 in credit to split between you!


  • Teams must be less than two years old
  • Teams must have raised less than $5M in funding

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