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Forusall is a 401(k) benefits provider that goes beyond the basics of most retirement plans. They offer more opportunities for growth, holistic financial wellness and investment guidance, and full automation and fiduciary protection so you can spend your time growing your business; not administering the plan.‍
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Retirement Savings Benefits:

  • Robust 401(k) offering with complete fiduciary service, including automated investment guidance, compliance monitoring, and recordkeeping services
  • Automatic and customizable 401(k) plan setup tailored to the unique needs of small and midsize business owners
  • Custom-crafted portfolio construction and asset allocation strategy to optimize retirement savings for employees
  • Enable employees to enroll in a 401(k) plan with a minimum contribution of 1%

Exclusive Benefits:

  • Access to an intuitive online portal to track and manage savings program investments
  • Full suite of financial wellness tools to help employees better understand retirement savings
  • Flexible contribution plans, such as auto-enroll and auto-escalate, to accommodate participant goals
  • Convenient and secure payment methods, including both Direct Deposit and Visa/MasterCard

Customer Support:

  • Dedicated customer service team available to answer any questions
  • Help desks, call centers, and online chat rooms staffed with knowledgeable customer service professionals to provide support
  • Secure and encrypted customer data storage to ensure maximum safety of personal information


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All Aurelia Ventures startups are eligible.

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