Magic Login Credits for Startups

Magic Login Credits

Magic Summary

Easily integrate secure, passwordless logins on your website with Magic. Our SOC-2 Compliant sdk provides a seamless developer experience with easy-to-add extensions like Oauth (Social Logins) and Webauthn, and is secured by a patented Delegated Key Management architecture.
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Plug & Play Widget

  • Out-of-the-box wallet UI for login, NFT Checkout & Gallery, fiat on-ramp, and more
  • Over 90% conversion with email, Google One Tap, or third-party wallets

White-Label Wallets

  • Fully customizable; optional widgets
  • 10+ authentication methods or plug into your existing identity provider
  • Enterprise-grade, fast and scalable
  • Designed for users of all levels


The first year is 100% free, with access to our full feature suite and no restrictions. Second year 50% off.


Only available to new Magic users.

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