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Digify is a document security and data room software. Founders use Digify’s document security features to send pitch decks to their investors, and data rooms to conduct due diligence.
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With Digify, startups can:

  • Know which investors are more likely to invest. Check on investors’ engagement with your documents through Digify’s analytics features.
  • Keep control of sensitive due diligence documents after sharing. Secure your documents with Digify’s encryption, copy protection, dynamic watermark, and Terms of Access/NDA features.
  • Leave a professional first impression on your investors. Sharing your due diligence documents in a dedicated data room with strong security control lends greater credibility to your deal.

Digify has enabled thousands of companies and VC/PE funds to successfully complete their due diligence and secure millions in funding.


50% off your Digify subscription for a year


  • Less than 5 years old
  • Less than 15 employees
  • Not more than $5M in funding or revenue
  • Not a subsidiary of another company
  • Have not benefited from previous discounts from Digify

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