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Pipedrive is the global sales-first CRM and intelligent revenue management platform for small businesses.
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Pipedrive is an intuitive, easy-to-use, and highly versatile web and mobile CRM full of features focused on sales and marketing growth.

  • Efficiently manage your prospects with Pipedrive.
  • Customize pipelines to match your sales process and track your prospects' progress to determine appropriate actions for your sales team.
  • Elevate your sales game with insightful reports and interactive dashboards
  • Replace spreadsheets with customized CRM fields to create unique pieces and make informed decisions for your business
  • Filter, group, and analyze results to identify winning patterns and bottlenecks for your team to overcome
  • Automate administrative tasks with Pipedrive and save valuable time
  • Keep track of your teams' communications with prospects and easily access contact history
  • Personalize your sales process with unique deal pages for each prospect
  • Share relevant information and updates with them throughout the sales process
  • Streamline your sales communication with Pipedrive's customizable sales inbox
  • Prioritize and manage sales emails, calls, and messages in one place
  • Generate and capture more leads with Pipedrive's LeadBooster feature
  • Create custom chatbots for your website and automate your lead capture process
  • Gain a better understanding of your sales pipeline and revenue potential with Pipedrive's sales forecasting tools
  • Evaluate the likelihood of deals closing and adjust your sales strategy accordingly


  • 30 days Pipedrive for free, and
  • 50% off for 12 months


All Aurelia Ventures startups are eligible.

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