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Understand how users are experiencing your site without drowning in numbers. Traditional web analytics tools help you analyze traffic data. But numbers alone can’t tell you what users do on your site — Hotjar —be trusted by over 680,000 organizations across 184 countries.
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User Experience (UX):

  • Utilize Hotjar’s Heatmaps to quickly identify and analyze user behavior and effectively optimize the user experience
  • Utilize Hotjar’s Recordings to gain a deep understanding of the user journey, enabling you to make the necessary design and feature decisions to deliver the best UX

Analytics & Insights:

  • Drive ROI through optimization tools – instantly identify frequently used features and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Monitor user journeys with session replays, giving you detailed insight over time to see exactly how and when users get stuck

Customer Feedback:

  • Easily capture customer feedback through Hotjar’s Polls and Surveys, helping you to understand the customer’s needs and expectations better
  • Track visitor sentiment with Hotjar’s Incoming Feedback and significantly improve the customer support experience

Customer Support:

  • Streamline customer support with Hotjar’s built-in help desk, allowing your support team to respond to customer inquiries quickly
  • Utilize the Incoming Feedback feature to stay on top of customer satisfaction and act on insights to improve customer experience continuously


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