Twilio for Startups

Twilio for Startups

Twilio Summary

Twilio is a developer platform for communications. Software teams use Twilio APIs to add capabilities like SMS, WhatsApp, voice & video to their applications. This enables businesses to provide the right communications experience for their customers. Behind Twilio APIs is a Super Network, a software layer that connects and optimizes communications networks around the world.
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Business Efficiency:

  • Twilio enables businesses to effortlessly integrate communications across channels like voice, chat, text, and video
  • Robust APIs and SDKs make it easy to want and need quickly
  • Scalable messaging capabilities allow businesses to provide a personalized communication experience at a scale


  • Multi-language support, including Spanish and Portuguese, assists enterprises with global customer bases
  • A variety of consumable communication channels, such as voice, SMS, chat, email, video, and more, connect customer journeys
  • Possibility to customize communication flows using ready-to-use integrations like Gmail, Salesforce, and AWS

Cost Saving:

  • Costs per communication are significantly reduced as Twilio minimizes development resources, time to market, and operational costs
  • Proven reliability and advanced security features to protect critical customer data
  • Lower monthly charges based on usage and points of access


  • Robust quality-of-service testing ensures reliable messaging delivery
  • Automated diagnostic and performance monitoring to keep customer experiences consistent
  • Differentiated global network infrastructure provides high-end redundancy



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