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Zeet is a DevOps product for ambitious cloud-native teams. For startups, less time spent building infrastructure means more time to focus on building your product. Zeet makes it possible for every team member to manage infrastructure and services across multiple cloud providers, and easily coordinate deployments using technologies including Kubernetes, Serverless, Terraform, Docker, and Helm.
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Implement Self-Service
Simplify deployment and free devs and SRE from deploy tasks.

Multi-cloud Dashboard
Zeet is a centralized place for your whole team to provision, observe, and manage resources. Simplify deployment and free devs and SRE from deploy tasks.

Infrastructure Templates
Production-ready Blueprints ensure devs can go live sooner without dependencies and deployment hiccups.

Save time on K8s Deployment
Create and operate containerized infrastructure easily, with private networking and auto-scaling built-in.

Multi-cloud, Multi cluster
Create a multi-cloud solution that meets your needs for high-performance computing, live video, serverless, and compute.

Better dev experience
Give every developer control through logs, rollbacks, preview branches, and environment variables.

Native support for 7 Clouds
Easily leverage the best compute infrastructure for your workloads.


7 months of unlimited use of Zeet for $1/month


Aurelia Ventures startups with less than $2M raised.

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