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Otter.ai is the A.I.-powered note-taking and collaboration app that lets you remember, search, and share your voice conversations.
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  • Easily records and transcribes conversations from both live and recorded audio sources
  • Uses AI technology to instantly caption conversations
  • Hotkeys, keyboard shortcuts, and customizable settings make it easy to control the recording and transcription process


  • Automatically highlights and organizes relevant content from the transcripts, including essential action items, dates, and contact details.
  • It supports video recordings and can transcribe any language with a button
  • Then shares the transcripts in real-time with users in the conversation


  • Access to the app is available on all Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Recordings and transcriptions can be stored, managed, and shared from the cloud
  • The pulse feature provides mission-critical insights to users within minutes of the conversation


  • Provides a secure cloud-based platform for recording, transcription, and storage
  • Encrypted connections allow users to access and secure transcripts in transit and when stored
  • End-to-end encryption protects recordings and conversation data from unauthorized viewers


1-month Pro Lite (try out the Pro features, but with the same quota of 300 minutes/month).


New accounts only.

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