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Never forget to follow up with leads and clients! Easily take the right next action for every lead with pre-built reminders, automated emails, and texts to save you time on follow-up; a dedicated business line that keeps your work calls and messages separate; “Star” messages to find them later, mark text messages as unread, and store notes on your phone while the information is fresh.
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  • Keap collects new leads, organizes customer records, and triggers the following actions to move people seamlessly through the sales process
  • Keap’s personalized automation saves you from distracted, busy work while still sounding and converting precisely like you
  • Write emails and texts using Keap’s curated templates, send them to segmented lists in your CRM, and watch the results roll in
  • Keap Business Line gives you access to work calls and texts on your smartphone while keeping your conversations separate


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