Coda Credits

Coda for Startups

Coda is a new type of document that blends the flexibility of documents, the power of spreadsheets, and the utility of applications into a single new canvas.

The options are almost limitless and that’s part of what makes it such an amazing tool for startups in that it will enable you to mitigate the cost and stress of managing work across many tools. With Coda, you can make docs to run meetings, manage a roadmap, intake sales leads, OKRs, and so much more.


  • $1000 in Coda credit applied to any paid plan (lasts startups 1.6 years on average)
  • Exclusive Coda templates, docs, and packs made specifically to supercharge startups
  • Access to exclusive support and Discord community dedicated to startups using Coda


All Aurelia Ventures startups are eligible

This partner benefit is available only to Aurelia Ventures portfolio companies. Please apply to one of our programs to interview for the next cohort. We are looking forward to hearing from you. If you are already one of our startups please log in to your account.