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Retool is a low-code platform that makes it fast and easy to build internal tools. Business teams need custom apps, dashboards, admin panels, and other internal tools to run critical operations. Rather than build from scratch, developers can use Retool to build powerful tools faster.
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  • Retool offers a range of ready-to-use modules such as tables, lists, forms, maps, search bars, automated workflows, and many other internal tool necessities
  • Support integrations to over 50 applications and any other application, through a REST or GraphQL API
  • Collaborative editing is made easy with Retool, allowing team members to work together in real-time
  • Deploy your tools instantly, allowing you to use them immediately
  • Customizable components so you can create the tool you need for your business
  • With advanced permissions, you can set granular permissions so team members only see what they need to
  • Their user-friendly interface allows you to drag and drop components to build your tools quickly and efficiently
  • With Retool, you can even easily develop full-stack applications, creating custom solutions for your business


$2,000 credits for Retool Cloud version (Team or Business plan) for 1 year.


  • Your company was founded less than 5 years ago
  • Your company has raised no more than $10M USD in total funding
  • You’re not an existing Retool customer

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