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Deel simplifies global team management, payroll, immigration, and HR so you can hire faster, streamline people processes, and stay compliant. Deel serves 17,000 customers from early-stage startups to enterprises like Nike, Dropbox, Shopify, and Notion. Deel helps you hire, pay contractors/employees, run global payroll, manage your workforce with Deel HR and immigration support in 30+ countries.
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Effortlessly and rapidly hire new employees

  • Onboard international employees and let Deel handle the employment process and start saving time and money.
    Hire new contractors efficiently
  • Ensure compliance wherever your new contractor comes from: the tool collects all the legal documents and compliances needed, automatically generates taxes, and creates compliant documents and electronic signatures.
    Deliver payrolls without wasting time
  • Deel sets up the right payrolls, automatically including tax deductions and pension collection. All you'll need is a click to pay your teams.
  • Deel integrates with many tools (task management, accounting, etc.) so that you can save more time and automate tasks.
    Global payment options
  • With Deel, you can easily handle global payments to your employees and contractors. No more stress about conversion rates, payment methods, or accounting – everything is handled by Deel's integrated payment system.
    Time tracking
  • Deel has a built-in time-tracking system that lets you easily monitor your team's hours. It automatically generates timesheets and helps you stay compliant with labor laws, so you don't have to worry about legal issues.
    Customizable contracts
  • You can create and customize contracts for every employee or contractor with Deel. This feature helps ensure that all parties are on the same page and that every aspect of the working relationship is understood.
    Efficient communication
  • Deel has a user-friendly interface that makes communication seamless between you and your team. You can share files, message each other directly, and collaborate in real-time, saving precious time to grow your business instead.


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