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Scaleway Summary

Scaleway is a European cloud services provider, offering a number of pioneering solutions in the field of cloud infrastructure for business. Scaleway is expanding its operations around the world, and currently serves customers in over 160 countries, providing three availability zones.
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  • Scaleway offers lightning-fast server deployment, allowing entrepreneurs to set up new servers quickly and easily using a user-friendly interface
  • They offer flexible pricing plans, including hourly and monthly billing as well as a pay-as-you-go system, so entrepreneurs can easily scale their business as it grows
  • By using SSD drives, Scaleway's cloud servers provide faster website loading speeds, improving user experience
  • Entrepreneurs can create private networks between their servers for added security and integrate their apps seamlessly with Scaleway's API
  • With scalable storage and data centers located in multiple geographic locations, entrepreneurs can easily store large amounts of data and experience minimal downtime
  • They have access to a dedicated support team to help them resolve any technical issues that may arise


  • EUR 1,000 voucher code dedicated to Aurelia Ventures startups to test Scaleway products
  • Up to EUR 42k Cloud resources when admitted to the Startup Program
  • Dedicated Program Lead & experts
  • Visibility & Awareness
  • Access to a global community & exclusive content


  • Raised a late Seed-round or Series A+
  • Located in Europe, preferably in Germany
  • Your company is working on an AI/SaaS solution
  • The offer is valid for 4 months

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