Dialpad Credits

About Dialpad

Dialpad for Startups (DFS) is a program designed to help early-stage companies grow with best-in-class business phone lines and video conferencing. It’s ideal for supporting your company’s main phone number, sales lines, customer service lines, and video calls/meetings.


  • 10 free, lifelong seats of Dialpad Talk (business phone lines) and Dialpad Meetings (video conferencing) for qualified startups
  • Discounts on phone lines continue while video conferencing is always free
  • Eligibility

    • Must be based in the U.S. or Canada
    • Be angel or venture-capital-backed (no minimum)
    • New Dialpad customer – existing paying customers for Dialpad or Dialpad Meetings do not qualify for DFS

    This partner benefit is available only to Aurelia Ventures portfolio companies. Please apply to one of our programs to interview for the next cohort. We are looking forward to hearing from you. If you are already one of our startups please log in to your account.