WorkOS Credits for Startups

WorkOS Startup Credits

WorkOS Summary

WorkOS helps you start selling to enterprise customers with just a few lines of code. WorkOS provides APIs to make your application enterprise-ready, with pre-built features and integrations required by enterprise IT admins.
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  • Single sign-on: Unified integration for any identity provider 
  • Directory sync: Real-time updates from corporate user directories
  • Admin Portal: Self-service onboarding for IT admins
  • Audit logs: Advanced event logging, auditing, and log exporting
  • Multi-factor auth: Additional authentication factors using TOTP and SMS


  • Your first 3 enterprise customer SSO connections are free for a year ($1500+ value)
  • Express onboarding in a dedicated Slack channel with our Developer Success Engineers


Must be a new WorkOS user and must not have claimed any offers through other partners.

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