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Fibery is a startup work and knowledge hub. It unites product development, software development, QA, feedback, marketing, CRM, and HR in one tool. As a result, teams escape 5+ scattered tools, create a clear workflow, and become more organized.
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Plan and publish your software with ease

  • Fibery is your go-to tool for collaborating on backlogs, sprints, releases, and development wikis
  • It allows you to automate workflows and track progress in building a top-quality software product in no time

Managing your digital agency easily

  • You can manage your team and customer relations, follow multiple projects at once, and even centralize your financial management with an appealing CRM

Say goodbye to spreading yourself too thin while inventing and developing your products

  • Fibery replaces most of your product stack with one tool, giving you access to everything you need for product management, customer feedback, creativity, and software development

Launching your startup has become a breeze with Fibery

  • You can now discover your customers, collect ideas, create prototypes, and design a transparent roadmap to keep your teams engaged

Fibery's quality integrations ensure seamless workflow connectivity with your favorite tools

  • Connect with GitLab, GitHub, Jira Software, Zapier, and Slack in minutes


  • 1 year for free (unlimited users, unlimited features, our very best plan, and caring support are included)
  • Then - 50% discount till you reach Round A (any plan, any number of users, and the same caring support)


  • Your startup must be pre-Series A in funding
  • You must be either a new Fibery customer or an existing free Fibery user

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