How To Get The Most Out Of PhantomBuster? Here Are The Insider Tips

November 23, 2023

We know now what PhantomBuster is and how it can helps startups unleash lead generation potential and accelerate productivity. Today we are going to share some beginner-friendly quality tips that have been carefully crafted to assist you. While it might appear overwhelming, don't let it discourage you! Approach it gradually, and before you know it, you'll grasp the concepts. Remember, you can refer back to this guide as often as you need.

1. Adhere To Rate Limits

While the excitement of diving into automation is understandable, there's an important rule to keep in mind: rate limits.

What are rate limits, you ask? Well, major platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter have implemented restrictions to safeguard against the unusual activity. Each platform has its own algorithm in place. If you exceed the speed of actions allowed, it could result in the suspension or complete removal of your account.

The good news is that this is entirely avoidable. By adhering to the rate limits set by each platform during automation, you can ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience. If you're unsure about the specific restrictions that apply, a comprehensive article on rate limits provides all the information you need.

PhantomBuster provides guidance during the setup of each automation, helping you stay within the designated limits. While it may initially feel restrictive, remember that lead generation automation is a long-term strategy. Patience is key, as executing smaller actions over an extended period is best. Rest assured, even though results may seem gradual, PhantomBuster will significantly accelerate your lead generation process safely and efficiently compared to manual efforts.

By respecting rate limits and taking a measured approach, you can maximize the benefits of automation while ensuring a sustainable and successful lead generation journey.

2. Create A Workspace

If you are managing a team, you will be excited about the collaborative PhantomBuster dashboard where each team member can access:

  • Log on and check up on your Phantoms’ progress
  • Launch and manage Phantoms themselves
  • Download the result files
  • Have access to all your PhantomBuster invoices

Isn't it amazing? By creating a Workspace account, you can have an independent account that is separate from your personal accounts. Additionally, you can easily manage the members of your dedicated workspace by adding or removing them at any time. 

3. Schedule Automatic Launches

You no longer have to launch Phantoms manually. You can now schedule them to run automatically, saving you the trouble of logging in to your dashboard every time you need a task completed. Simply adjust the launch parameters under "Settings" for each Phantom. These launch settings include:

  • Manually: You will need to switch on the automation yourself every time
  • Repeatedly: You can decide how many times per day or per hour you want to automate
  • Repeatedly (advanced): You can fine-tune the time, date, and month when the Phantom will run
  • Every time another Phantom finishes: You can select which Phantom this automation is timed with
  • Once: You can choose a single date and time when your Phantom will run

When scheduling automatic launches, it's important to remember the rate limits that we have mentioned earlier. Once you have that in mind, you can relax and have confidence that your Phantoms will run at the ideal time.

4. Organize Your Dashboard 

Remember from the last article, we talked about that PhantomBuster offers two types of automation: "Phantoms" and "Flows”. A “Phantom” represents a single automated action, while a “Flow” comprises a connected series of multiple actions. When using a combination of “Flows” and “Phantoms”, or even a few of the same “Phantoms”, the dashboard could appear cluttered, which may hinder your productivity.

Here are two tips o keep your dashboard organized:

  • Grouping: Easily group your Phantoms on the dashboard by using the drag-and-drop method. Just click on a Phantom and slide it on top of another Phantom to create a group.
  • Renaming: Enhance identification by giving your Phantoms unique names. Simply click on the three dots located in the top-right corner of the Phantom card, then select "Rename".

5. Configuring Notifications 

Each PhantomBuster plan provides a specific allocation of resources, including:

  • Slots: The number of Phantoms and Flows available in your dashboard.
  • Execution time: The duration for which they will operate.

To maximize the benefits of these resources, it's advisable to enable notifications for each Phantom or Flow. This allows you to promptly receive updates in case of setup errors or when an automation completes its run.

For more advanced notifications, you can even opt to be notified when a specific step within a Phantom or Flow is finished. Simply navigate to the "Settings" section of your respective Phantom or Flow, where you can enable desired notifications or choose to have none at all.

6. Chain Phantoms

Discover the limitless automation possibilities by mastering the art of chaining Phantoms. Unlocking this capability is a breeze, requiring just a few simple steps. The beauty of it all is that once you grasp how to chain your first two Phantoms, you'll be able to chain them all effortlessly.

But what exactly does it mean to chain Phantoms? When you chain Phantoms, you establish a connection between them by utilizing the output results of one Phantom as the input for another. This sequential linkage creates a powerful automation sequence.

If you want to establish connections with individuals who have liked your LinkedIn post, you will need a combination of two Phantoms makes it possible:

  • Extracts the user information of those who have liked your LinkedIn post.
  • Facilitates automated connection requests to LinkedIn users, accompanied by personalized messages.

By chaining these two Phantoms in tandem, you can successfully connect with the individuals who have shown interest in your LinkedIn post.

7. Consider Using A Proxy

Certain platforms maintain strict monitoring of IP address locations. If they detect a connection originating from a different part of the world, like when using PhantomBuster, it can raise suspicions and potentially lead to the blocking of your account.

While you may be familiar with VPNs, which encrypt and conceal both your IP address and online activities, proxies differ slightly. Proxies primarily can alter your IP address, providing location-based flexibility. By utilizing a proxy, you can position your browser in a specific geographic location of your choice.

When using PhantomBuster, you have the option to connect with the following proxies:

  • PhantomBuster's proxy: An internal proxy seamlessly integrated into the automation process, with available addresses in Canada, France, the UK, and the US.
  • Bright Data proxy: Highly recommended if your location is not covered by the aforementioned options, ensuring reliable proxy support.

By leveraging these proxies, you can maintain a secure connection while avoiding account restrictions and enjoying a smooth PhantomBuster experience. 

8. Send Personalized Messages 

By now, you're likely aware that generic, unsolicited sales messages are abundant and easily overlooked. However, adopting a more personalized and "human" approach can significantly improve your success rate.

To dive deeper into the power of personalization, you can explore another article from us. It's filled with valuable research and insights on the potential impact of personalized messaging.

Within the suite of Phantoms, you are able to send automated messages that are relevant to your recipients. But how can you make these messages truly personalized? With all the aforementioned Phantoms, you can leverage relevant placeholder tags. These tags enable you to dynamically insert personalized information into your message content, ensuring a tailored approach that resonates with your audience.

How does this work? 

When utilizing the Phantom, it gathers data from each profile and becomes aware of how to personalize the messages associated with those profiles. A commonly used example of personalization is the placeholder tag #firstName#.

By incorporating this placeholder tag into your message, the Phantom will automatically insert the first name it finds from the page into the message content. This allows for a customized and individualized approach when reaching out to recipients.

To delve into the intricacies of creating your own personalization tags, we highly recommend referring to Help Center article. It provides detailed guidance on how to effectively utilize and customize personalization message.

9. Use A Data Spreadsheet As Input

Imagine you have a meticulously organized spreadsheet containing a list of valuable prospects ready to be utilized. Now, the question arises: How can you seamlessly import these lists directly into PhantomBuster?

Fortunately, this step is incredibly straightforward. During the setup of your desired Phantom, you can effortlessly input your spreadsheet lists in the form of a CSV file or a publicly accessible Google Sheet URL. The automation will then utilize this data as it runs, ensuring smooth integration and streamlined execution.

10. Divide Large Input Spreadsheets Into Separate Files 

Phantoms possess incredible power and potential, but it's crucial to configure them with care. By adopting healthy practices, you can fully harness the abundant benefits they offer. One such practice involves being mindful of the size of your input, particularly when using spreadsheets.

Phantoms have their limitations when it comes to processing vast amounts of information all at once. It is advisable to avoid overwhelming them with excessive data. Instead, it's best to employ a strategy that involves using separate files.

As a general guideline, we recommend keeping your spreadsheet inputs to a maximum of 1000 rows of data. If you find yourself working with an extensive spreadsheet surpassing this limit, we highly advise splitting it into smaller, manageable files. 

By adopting these precautions and optimizing your input size, you will enhance the performance and reliability of your Phantoms, maximizing their effectiveness for your automation needs.

11. Understand LinkedIn Degree Connections

When setting up certain LinkedIn Phantoms, you may come across references to different degrees of connections. To provide a quick reminder, here's what each degree signifies:

  • 1st-degree connections: Individuals whom you are directly connected to on LinkedIn. This connection is established when either you or they have accepted an invitation to connect.
  • 2nd-degree connections: Individuals who are connected to your 1st-degree connections but are not directly connected to you.
  • 3rd-degree connections: Individuals who are connected to your 2nd-degree connections but are not directly connected to you.

It's important to recognize that this hierarchy plays a role in what you can accomplish with PhantomBuster, as it aligns with LinkedIn's structure. For instance, you can only send automated messages to your 1st-degree connections due to LinkedIn's restrictions.

However, there are workarounds available. For example, the LinkedIn Group Member Message Sender Phantom enables you to send messages to individuals in groups even if you aren't directly connected with them. Additionally, the Sales Navigator Message Sender Phantom allows you to reach out to your 2nd-degree connections.

Nevertheless, it's crucial to keep in mind that PhantomBuster operates within the limitations set by LinkedIn. While there are ways to extend the functionalities, the restrictions imposed by the platform ultimately define the scope of what can be achieved.

12. Optimize Your Phantom Execution Time  

Social media platforms can occasionally experience glitches, as many of us are well aware. During such instances, Phantoms, typically operate seamlessly, may encounter occasions where a Phantom might get stuck while trying to process data that fails to load.

This is commonly referred to as a loading issue, which can inadvertently consume significant execution time without yielding results. However, this can all be avoided by taking a proactive approach. During the setup of your Phantom, in the "Settings" step, you can utilize the "Advanced Settings" option to define the maximum runtime you desire for your Phantom, specified in minutes. This crucial setting allows you to optimize your resource allocation, safeguarding against the unpredictable nature of social media platforms.

Now, you might wonder, how long does a typical Phantom run for? Well, the duration varies depending on the user and the specific task at hand. Here are some approximate time frames:

  • Scraping a profile usually takes around 30 seconds.
  • Sending a connection request or message also takes approximately 30 seconds.
  • Liking or commenting on a post typically requires about 3 seconds.
  • Exporting a search result of 1000 profiles or posts usually takes between 5-10 minutes.

By adjusting the execution time of your Phantoms and aligning it with your specific requirements, you can optimize their performance and ensure efficient resource utilization, even amidst the ever-changing landscape of social media platforms.

13. Recognize How Phantoms Work

To fully comprehend the workings of Phantoms, let's take a peek behind the scenes. PhantomBuster is undeniably a powerful tool, but its capabilities can vary depending on the platform it interacts with. It's crucial to note that Phantoms can only collect information that is publicly accessible. If you are unable to manually find certain data on a platform, the automation won't be able to retrieve it either.

For instance, platforms like Facebook and Instagram do not display users' email addresses publicly. Consequently, Phantoms would not have access to this information either. However, there are occasional workarounds. If an individual has a Facebook Business account or has listed their email address in their bio, you can utilize one of the Phantoms to extract this information.

Nevertheless, as a general guideline, it's important to remember that PhantomBuster cannot retrieve hidden or inaccessible information on your behalf. The tool operates within the boundaries and restrictions set by each platform, ensuring compliance with their privacy policies and data visibility settings.

Wrapping Up

PhantomBuster is an incredibly powerful tool that empowers users to automate various tasks. However, it's important to understand that the functionalities of Phantoms rely on the publicly available information provided by each platform. While there may be certain workarounds in specific scenarios, it is crucial to respect and operate within the boundaries and restrictions set by the platforms themselves.

To make the most of PhantomBuster and unlock its full potential, incorporating these insights and adopting best practices is essential. By understanding the limitations and possibilities of the platform, you can navigate the automation landscape with confidence.

If you're eager to take your automation endeavors to the next level, we invite you to explore our article that offers advanced tips and strategies. This resource provides deeper insights and techniques for maximizing the capabilities of Phantoms. With these advanced insights in your toolkit, you'll be able to enhance your automation experience and unlock a world of possibilities.

So, embrace the power of PhantomBuster, follow best practices, and dive into the advanced tips for PhantomBuster to optimize your automation journey. Happy automating!

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