With Kleeen, a start-up can build a prototype with simulated data in a matter of hours. This is perfect for when they are still lining up investors and customers. Kleeen’s prototypes are the fully-functional application code with a simulated backend. Once a start-up is ready to move from prototype to a full-stack MVP and then their production application, they have a huge head start with Kleeen because they can push out the front-end React code to Git, just like a developer would, then integrate with the backend from there.

The Kleeen Software platform enables companies and organizations to automate the generation of business application UI with UX best practices. You tell our authoring environment about entities, relationships and workflows, then it will generate a prototype on our AWS staging environment with a database including realistic test data. Once your prototype is validated, it will generate React code and check into any Git-based repo.

Kleeen is specifically focused on UI/UX for data-centric applications, and we enable teams to prototype with test data within hours and get to an MVP in a matter of days. The platform automates those aspects that can be, so the talented designers and front-end devs can focus on the cool custom elements of the applications. This drastically reduces the time and resources needed to create effective UX/UI from week or months to a matter of hours.


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